2016 Hot Doggett Rider Testimonials

(Video Testimonials by courtesy of Ryan Phillips Photography

Mars Hill, NC)

2015 Hot Doggett Rider Testimonials 

What a blast. Very cool event. Loved the water hand offs at rest stops. Really helped for those of us pushin on. Thanks again!  Coming back next year.


A splendid ride! thank you to each and every volunteer. Not only a great ride, but special touches for a special birthday celebration.  Hot Diggety, not only is it a fantastic event, but that makes me an advanced climber, so says Active.com!


 Thank you!! Awesome organization, rest stops, volunteers, some locals waving and cheering at us, and even the roads!! BIG KUDOS!! Until next year 🙂

 You are soooo entitled to brag about your route! Not just because it is quite a challenge (very much like 6 Gaps), but also because it is a very beautiful one! Simply breath taking! Plus, you did a great job with the organization! Big kudos again! Thank YOU! Hope to be back next year. I have already shared it and added it to my calendar!


 Thanks for an amazing event! Couldn’t ask for a better day, weather, event or volunteers…especially the volunteers!! And congrats to Team 75 and their birthday celebration—highlight of the ride! Hope to be back in 2016!


 45 mph downhill @the 2015 Hot Doggett 100


2 miles. Downhill. 9%grade. New max speed on my computer …. 41.2 MPH! Wheeeeeeeee!


We had a great ride! THANKS!!


My favorite ride! Where else can I eat raspberries & blackberries on the ride! By the way, a big thank you to the event organizers. A fantastic experience, great scenery and very nice people. Thanks for inviting us to this marvelous place. I am back next year.

— Juan Carlos

I did the Devil’s Fork and was quite impressed with the great organization and happy, cheerful volunteers. A difficult ride but well worth it for the sense of accomplishment. Well run, organized and a great value. The goodie bags were like Christmas. The frozen blueberries and the stuffed dates at the rest stops were amazing. Omnium Bodyworks did an excellent massage after the ride. The gluten free peanut butter balls with chocolate at the finish were an excellent gluten free option. The cold wet towel at the finish line was a class act. Will tell my friends and return next year….. you have a home-run!


I had a wonderful time doing the Hot Doggett 100.  I have done many of this type of ride, this was my first time at the Doggett.  I will definitely be back next year.  This was well supported and a beautiful route (was great that people were actually handing water bottles to us as we rode by the rest stops and didn’t even have to stop). 


You do a great job with the race….


This was my 3rd HD100 and while I posted better times in the past this was a special ride. The volunteers were great as usual. It’s a tough ride but that’s what I was looking for. I’m retiring next year and moving to Florida but if all possible I’ll be back next year. 


Thanks for producing a truly terrific ride. The route was challenging, scenic and interesting (I did the Devil’s Fork Metric), the support excellent, the road marking spot-on and the volunteers could not have been more friendly, helpful and engaging. Thanks again for a first rate ride. I look forward to returning next year.



2014 Hot Doggett Rider Testimonials 

Thank you so much for providing such a great experience this past weekend! I drove up from Auburn, AL to do my first official century and I have to say, you all set the bar very high. The rest stops were so nice and well-stocked. And when I missed a turn within the first 10 miles, a support car came and made sure I got back on the right path. I hope to come back next year and ride again!”


Possibly the most well run ride I’ve ridden. Big kudos to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers!”


 “This was by far the most well run and best supported ride I have ever done! The course was beautiful which is good because it’s a distraction from the incredible challenge of the ride! The rest stops were intelligently placed and well stocked and included enthusiastic and friendly volunteers. I want to especially thank the women at rest stop #2 (top of Doggett Mt) who made gluten-free cookies and at the Sam’s Gap rest stop for the almond butter dates ! I have Celiac’s and that was an amazing surprise since most races don’t have many gluten-free options! Although I didn’t need it, the SAG support was amazing. I saw more SAG vehicles on the road than anything else. I hope to have the opportunity to ride this ride again and hopefully see a few more females out there! Thank you for a great and intimate ride!”


 perhaps the best supported ride that I have done; great venue, rest stops, etc. Although I eventually ‘flatted’ and dropped out at mile 83, I would not have made it nearly as far without the support and encouragement of Pete in the SAG vehicle. I will be back to finish it next time


 “What am awesome ride! It was incredibly well supported, the route was gorgeous, everyone was friendly, and the rest stop volunteers were amazing. We will be back for sure.


 “Great ride yesterday. Well organized as always. Special kudos to the rest stop and SAG volunteers – friendly, interested, encouraging, and competent!”


 “Really a great event. Thanks again”


 “Great ride today, fantastic rest stops! Keep up the good work.”


 “Love this event, probably one of the best I’ve ever been to. Sadly can’t make it this year.……


 “What a fantastic ride! Incredible SAG stops, and iced towels on the course and at the finish for freshening up. I just can’t say enough good things about this ride, even for a “flatlander” from Indiana!”


 “Beautiful scenery, well organized & supported route! A favorite of mine!”


 “I love this ride! The volunteers and organization of this event are unmatched by anything I have experienced in cycling. The addition of chip timing this year was a nice enhancement. I am looking forward to next year.”


 “Hands down best cycling event. I look forward to this ride each year; beautiful challenging course, incredible volunteers and the best SAG support you will ever experience!!!” 


 “Possibly the most well run ride I’ve ridden. Big kudos to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers!”


 “Could not agree more!! I saw the SAG cars more than another other vehicles on the road. Each aid station volunteers were asking if they could fill up our bottles and great facilities for pre and post ride relaxing.”


 “I just wanted to send a quick note regarding this year’s event and say,  BRAVO!! This absolutely one of the best supported events I have ever participated in.  Everyone involved with your team has out-done themselves, and I would just like to say Thank you.  Looking forward to next year and many more to come.”


 “Just wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful ride last Saturday…This was a beautiful route…a really fun ride, even with the challenge of the climbs. My sons and I were doing this ride for the first time.  It was my youngest (29) son’s first group ride. We had a great experience and we all agreed this ride is on our list for next year…The ride was well organized, run perfectly, rest stops were great and well stocked, and everyone was so friendly and helpful. We will spread the word and we will be back to enjoy this ride again…Thank you…!!!”


 Really enjoyed the ride!  I took advantage of one of your sprayers.  Will be back next year for my sixth time around.  Thanks again for putting on such a fine event. After the ride one of your volunteers happened to wonder why HD100 does not get the rider volume of some other rides.  My wife and I pondered that over dinner (@ Nick’s) and after watching “Stardust Supper Club” at Owen Theater.  Nice day in Mars Hill.  On the positive side, HD100 is very well organized, very cleanly run, great scenery, well equipped with handy parking and showers, has great rest stops, reasonable cost, and a good post-ride meal.  On the negative side, it has more climbing than most cyclists can handle, heat and tougher climbs in the second half make for slow times and can be miserable if paced poorly, is not near a population center or major tourist destination, and does not use marquis roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I bet the conditions give you a higher-than-normal number of DNF results, and DNFs are bad because they scare away other cyclists.  As they should.  I only recommend H100 to strong riders with good mountain century experience.

In any case – looking forward to riding with you in 2015!”


 I just wanted to say thanks for another great ride this year! This was my 4th year participating (one Hot Doggett and three Devil’s Forks) and the organization has only gotten better every year. This is my one “must-do” each year. I had asked about ice and it turned out that all the rest stops had it in varying amounts but I was able to collect at least a few handfuls at every stop (except for the fire station where I had all I wanted and then some! Who knew a fire station would have an ice maker?!?).…. It’s the best ride around. Thanks.”


2012 Hot Doggett Rider Testimonials

Once again, the good folks of Madison County pull off a great event! Special thanks to the lady with the cold towel on top of Devil’s Fork. 

–David F.

 Thanks for the great support. I’ll be back next year. It was the hardest 100 K I’ve ever done! I must say this is the most beautiful Century I’ve ever ridden. Made some great new friends… the support was awesome. I hope to be back. Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers! 

–Lyda G.

 Great job to everyone that was involved in this event top notch. Course was amazing along with the hospitality plenty of smiles and encouragement along the way. Stayed the weekend and really enjoyed the area. It’s a ride that will remain on the travel wish list for next year for sure. Hoping to bring along more friends in doing so. Thanks 

–Don L.

 Great ride, we were four cyclist coming up from South Florida and enjoyed everything about the event! We’ll be back next year! 

–Lou C.

 Two of us came up from Texas to meet an old friend, now living in Charlotte. I must say this is the most beautiful Century I’ve ever ridden. Made some great new friends…the support was awesome. I hope to be back. Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers! 

–Rich C.

2011 Rider Testimonials

 This was the toughest event on my 2011 schedule. It was also my FAVORITE event of 2011 – See you July 14!!! 

 Also one of my favorites – a very pretty and challenging mountain century, with the most awesome support! Looking forward to my third time! 

 Thank you for organizing such a fantastic ride, on beautiful roads with stunning views, low traffic, great directions and the best rest stops ever! 

 I just wanted to let all those involved in planning and conducting the race that you did an amazing job. It was well marked and traffic control was excellent from the Sherriff’s dept. The water and Gatorade were cold and the snacks hit the spot. I would love to see more people discover how great a ride the Hot Doggett 100 is 

 First of all let me thank you and all the great volunteers for all the hard work that goes into making this a fantastic event. The organization, route markers, volunteers, post race food, rest stops, showers, dorms available and the finish times all make this a great and unique ride. I am so proud to have it in my home county! 

 This is an excellent event in an absolutely beautiful part of NC. Classic course, excellent volunteer staff and ride management. Kudos to all of you involved! I’ll be back every year. 

 This was the second year in a row doing this ride and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it! The course markings are great! The volunteers were wonderful! The sag stops were well stocked! Y’all do a great job and I look forward to coming back next year to “suffer” some more! 

 Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into the 2011 Hot Doggett 100. It was a marvelous ride, supremely organized, with the most beautiful scenery and the friendliest, most gracious volunteers 

 Thanks to all for a great ride with plenty of climbing, lovely roads and super nice support. 

2010 Rider Testimonials

 Today was my 3rd time at the Hot Doggett 100. I am so very impressed (again!) by the event. It sets the standard by which all rides should follow. Huge thanks to all involved: the wonderful volunteers and organizers, the generous sponsors and Mars Hill College and the town of Mars Hill. The course was awesome as was the support and rest stops. The post ride meal was wonderful and plentiful. The Shirts are great. The Goodie bags were full of worthwhile things. Once again you even provided a wealth of drawing prizes. Could never ask for more in a ride. The ride has attracted many riders from out of the area and state, to showcase the beauty of Madison County. The Hot Doggett is 5 stars all the way! 

THANK YOU… Carl – Swannanoa, NC

2010 survey responses included these comments from participants immediately upon completing the ride:

  • This is the best entry course.
  • Beautiful. Loved the mile markers on the climbs.
  • It gets better every year.
  • Great hills/peaks.
  • Very good ride. Marked well.
  • Felt safe.
  • Very well organized.
  • Wonderful ride. Great route.
  • Challenging but very good.
  • Best ride of the year!