Bike Club Corner

Are you a member of a cycling club?

Now is a great time for bike clubs to plan a special challenging club ride for next year. With three distances to choose from, there is a ride for all levels of physical ability – from the ultra-challenging 100 mile ride with over 10,000 ft of gain to the ‘sedate’ 60 kilometer (37.5 miles) ride with just over 3,800 ft of gain.  We hope clubs will choose the Hot Doggett 100 for their 2018 club ride and take advantage of the bike club pre-registration incentive – a $7 rebate to the club for each rider providing 6 or more club riders pre-register by July 9, 2018. 

How can my club take advantage of this program?

All riders have the option of entering their bike club name when they register.  We will track that information and award the rebate to clubs that qualify after the event in 2018

  In 2017 we received registrations from 88 riders who were members of 43 different clubs! The following teams met the minimum number of registrants to qualify for the bike club rebate:

Kirbo Cycling – 14 riders

Blue Ridge Bicycle Club – 6 riders